Advanced Equipment

Our Technology, Your Comfort

One thing that sets us apart from many other dentists in Ardmore, Oklahoma is that we utilize the most up-to-date equipment and technology in the dental field. The team at Walnut Ranch Dental Spa strives to help you maintain and improve your oral health with the use of the most advanced dental technology.

We have invested in high-tech tools and instruments to make sure that we can diagnose problems in your mouth at the earliest stage possible and provide the most comfort during your dental treatment.

We continually research and invest in the latest technology to better serve our patients. We know you want the best for yourself and each member of your family, and that takes both exceptional service and state-of-the-art equipment.

Walnut Ranch Dental Spa offers these advanced techniques:

Advanced Dental Laboratory

Not all dentistry is created equal. A lot of dentists might charge you over $1,000 for a crown, but then use a cheap sub-contractor or mega lab to make it for you, often resulting in low quality. At Walnut Ranch Dental Spa, we believe in quality over quantity and use a very skilled and experienced ceramist to hand craft our crowns and veneers.

Our dental technicians are artisans, experts trained in the art of making a wide range of dental products like crowns, bridges, implant-borne restorations, full dentures, removable partials and more. A mix of artistic skill, anatomical expertise, and technological know-how, the work of our trained dental lab technicians is designed to fit seamlessly into your mouth to restore both function and aesthetics.

Cerec 3D

CEREC 3D is a high-tech instrument that helps us restore your damaged teeth. It makes designing the perfect tooth restoration fun and easy. With this new technology, crowns, overlays, and veneers can be done in one sitting – in most cases eliminating the need for an elastomeric impression or an interim restoration as well as the expense of a laboratory fee.


Prophy-Jet® is the brand name of our air-powder polishing unit. Air-powder polishing is a method of polishing the teeth using a concentrated spray of air, water, and a very fine powder. The pressure of this combination serves to effectively remove bacterial plaque accumulation and leave a smooth, polished surface behind. Prophy-Jet® is convenient, but more important – it’s safe and effective. Many patients prefer Prophy-Jet® over a rotating handpiece because of the following:

  • No drilling sound
  • No contact with the teeth
  • No vibration
  • Faster removal of plaque
  • More effective removal of stains
  • Less abrasiveness

iTero Digital Practice

Using the iTero Element 2 Scanner we can create a high-resolution interactive 3D digital image of your teeth in minutes. This technology results in a more accurate fit than traditional impressions. No goop, no gag, no mess. We use software to map out the path to your smile, from your first aligner to your brand-new smile. No guesswork. No waiting and seeing. The 3D visual interface helps us customize your treatment. The algorithm helps calculate just the right amount of force for every tooth movement.

Galileos Cone Beam

We use Galileos cone beam technology to get 3D digital images of mouth and jaw structures. This state-of-the-art imaging technology allows us to see everything, including tooth roots, internal canals, and bones. It takes seconds to get the necessary images, reducing your exposure to radiation. The images reveal more information about the underlying structures but are safer for the patient.

Guided Implant Surgery

Guided implant surgery provides a solution where we can plan an implant virtually, and then accurately place the implant in the most safe, predictable, and efficient manner. With guided surgery, we can place the implant for the most aesthetic result, as well as predicting how much room will be needed for the crown and for any veneered superstructure that may go over the abutment of the implant.

The number one reason we perform implants via guided surgery is safety. The Sirona Surgical Guide limits the depth of the drill and limits the depth of the implant. All guesswork is eliminated with the Surgical Guide.

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