We can help you get that new smile you’ve always wanted. There are a variety of techniques available today to create a more pleasing smile. A healthy smile requires routine dental care with our preventative and comprehensive services. We specialize in smile makeovers offering cosmetic and restorative services.

Our Procedures

It starts with a foundation of good oral health which is achieved with good home care and regular visits to your dental hygienist for professional advice, examinations, and cleanings. Your dentist will recommend any treatment needed and discuss treatment options.  We achieve results using conservative, state-of-the art procedures that will result in beautiful and long-lasting smiles.

Prevention & Comprehensive



Scaling and root planing

Oral cancer screening


Root canals

Tooth extraction

Fluoride treatment


Digital x-ray

Cosmetic & Restorative

Teeth whitening

Tooth-colored fillings


Porcelain crowns


Smile makeovers


Denture stabilization with implants

Mini implants 


Sedation Dentistry

The following types of sedation are used at Walnut Ranch Dental Spa.

Inhalational Sedation (minimal)

Nitrous oxide/Oxygen mixture produces a relaxing effect. This is the only form of sedation dentistry where you may be able to drive yourself home after the procedure.

Oral Conscious Sedation

The Doctors at Walnut Ranch Dental Spa will evaluate your level of dental anxiety and write you a prescription for 1-2 small pills.  Often one pill is taken the night before your procedure to assist with obtaining a good nights sleep, the other pill is generally taken 30-60 minutes before your appointment. You will need a driver to take you home.

IV Sedation Dentistry

IV sedation dentistry is ideal for patients experiencing moderate to severe dental anxiety, especially to the point where they may have avoided years of necessary dental treatment due to fear or anxiety. IV sedation in dentistry is also technically known as moderate conscious sedation.

IV sedation offers  significant advantages over nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation because it is a technique with greater control which can address a wider range of patient needs, safely, with great effectiveness.

Some Benefits/Advantages to Oral Sedation

  • The maximum level of sedation which can be achieved with IV administration is deeper than with inhalational (nitrous oxide), or oral routes.  Although some of the drugs used are the same, they are much more effective via IV than when taken orally.
  • Beneficial for patients with moderate to severe anxiety.
  • Rapid onset time. Achieving sedation much quicker than oral route.
  • Adjustable dosages and level of sedation “Titrate to effect”.
  • Recovery time is generally reduced.
  • Amnesia…One of the most popular effects of Dental IV Sedation is the amnesia-effect many of our sedative drugs have. Patients will usually have little to no memory of any unpleasant dental procedures.
  • Consciousness is maintained. Unlike expensive general anesthesia where your breathing reflexes are surrendered to a machine.


Your enjoyable dental experience depends on comfort and safety. The latest technological advances in equipment and techniques will ensure your excellent dental health.

Galileos CONE BEAM Technology – we use Galileos cone beam technology to get 3-D digital images of mouth and jaw structures. This state-of-the-art imaging technology allows us to see everything, including tooth roots, internal canals and bones. It takes seconds to get the necessary images, reducing your exposure to radiation. The images reveal more information about the underlying structures, but safer for the patient.

Guided Implant Surgery – Using CONE BEAM CT data combined with an optical CEREC Scan a surgical guide with pinpoint accurach is fabricated with 3D printing technology to ensure your implant is placed optimally in sound bone which contributes to higher success rates and better clinical outcomes for our patients.

Dental implants for ALL-ON-4 cases for full mouth rehabilitation. Let us fix your denture problems once and for all! The doctors at Walnut Ranch Dental Spa are able to use virtual treatment planning.

Master Ceramist Dental Laboratory – At Walnut Ranch Dental Spa our Master Ceramist can produce life-like porcelain/ceramic crowns, Pekkton and Zirconia frameworks and implant supported dentures and single tooth restorations. You’ll be proud to show off your amazing smile.

Cerec 3D –CEREC 3D is a high-tech instrument that helps helps us restore your damaged teeth. It makes designing the perfect restoration fun and easy. With this new technology, crowns, overlays and veneers can be done in one sitting in most cases.


If you would like to learn more about the type of dentistry Dr. Perry and Dr. Treanor perform,
please follow any one of these links:

Smile Design Gallery

We use state of the art software which allows a patient to complete a virtual workup/treatment planning session utilizing a series of photographs of the patient’s existing teeth and the software overlays teeth with improved esthetics or optimal crown height/width ratios to achieve a personalized smile design the patient can be very proud of.

Afford Your Smile

We can help you preserve your smile…one of the best and rewarding investments you can make!  We aim to make the cost of optimal dental care easy and manageable by offering several payment options.

Insurance Plans: Yes! We are accepting most dental insurance plans.  Our Finance Manager will assist you in obtaining your maximum insurance benefit. Prior to any treatment, we offer complimentary eligibility and pre-authorization inquiry to determine your benefit *.

* Your dental benefit and coverage is a contract between you and your insurance company or through your employer.  We encourage you to contact your insurance company prior to obtaining any medical treatment so you can make an informed decision to proceed.

Payment Options: We accept Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard and NO INTEREST payment plan through CareCredit. CareCredit allows you to pay over time with no interest, convenient low monthly payments plans also available, no annual fees or pre-payment penalties, and hassle free application with instant online approval.