Advanced Dental Laboratory with Master Ceramists

Not all dentistry is created equal. A lot of dentists might charge you over $1,000 for a crown, but then use a cheap sub-contractor or mega lab to make it for you, often resulting in low quality. At Walnut Ranch Dental Spa we believe in quality over quantity and use a very skilled and experienced ceramist to hand craft our anterior restorations (crowns and veneers).

At Walnut Ranch Dental Spa we can hand craft some very high quality crowns, resulting in happier patients.

Our dental technicians are artisans, experts trained in the art of making a wide range of dental products like crowns, bridges, implant-borne restorations, full dentures, removable partials and more. A mix of artistic skill, anatomical expertise and technological know-how, the work of our trained dental lab technicians are designed to fit seamlessly into your mouth to restore both function and esthetics.

New technologies and materials are rapidly changing our industry. Talk to us about our latest abilities and changes that are impacting our dental lab.

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