What is a Prophy-Jet®?

Prophy-Jet® is the brand name of our air-powder polishing unit. Air-powder polishing is a method of polishing the teeth using a concentrated spray of air, water, and a very fine powder. The pressure of this combination serves to effectively remove bacterial plaque accumulation and leave a smooth, polished surface behind. Prophy-Jet® is convenient, but more important – it’s safe and effective. Most dentists use rotating traditional tooth polishers that use a rotating rubber cup containing abrasive paste to clean the teeth, but Walnut Ranch Dental Spa in Ardmore, OK uses the Prophy-Jet® system most of the time, which sprays pressurized water on your teeth to break and remove soft deposits such as dental plaque.

Why do most patients prefer Prophy-Jet® to the rotating handpiece?

  • No drilling sound – The Prophy-Jet® is not a drill! It does not use any spinning or rotary motion, so it does not produce the stereotypical drilling sound common to traditional polishing with a low-speed dental drill.
  • No contact with the teeth – Like a touchless carwash, the Prophy-Jet® uses a high-pressure spray to remove debris from the teeth without touching them.
  • No vibration – The Prophy-Jet®’s method of action means you will feel a high-pressure spray instead of the vibration of a rotary drill touching your teeth.
  • Faster removal of plaque – Research has proven the Prophy-Jet® to remove plaque buildup faster than traditional polishing techniques.
  • More effective at removal of stains – The Prophy-Jet® polishing system has also been scientifically proven to be more efficient at the removal of extrinsic stains than traditional polishing.
  • Less abrasiveness – Traditional polishing uses an abrasive paste inside a spinning rubber cup. Research studies have shown that the air, powder, and water mixture used inside the Prophy-Jet® is less abrasive, and therefore less damaging to tooth structure, than traditional polishing.

The Prophy-Jet® system could make your next professional teeth cleaning faster and more comfortable. Not everyone should use the Prophy-Jet® method. Some patients should not have their teeth polished using the Prophy-Jet®. Because the powders used are typically very high in sodium, patients with kidney disease or those with restricted intake of sodium should not be exposed to the Prophy-Jet®. The air-powder polishing system creates an aerosol, which can be inhaled, so any patients with respiratory diseases or infectious diseases are not candidates for use of the Prophy-Jet®. Also, the Prophy-Jet® is not recommended for people with implants.

People who should opt for a traditional cleaning include:

  • Patients with restricted sodium diets
  • Patients with respiratory, renal, or metabolic disease
  • Patients with infectious disease
  • Children
  • Patients on diuretics or long-term steroid therapy
  • Patients with titanium implants

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