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Permanent Makeup

By Autumn Clements

What is permanent makeup or medical micropigmentation? 

“Implanting of color (pigment) under the skin with a needle or needles by use of an electrical machine or a manual device to recreate or re-claim the definition to eyebrows, eyes, lips, scars, and other areas.

Medical Micropigmentation professionals are required to successfully complete a 300-hour training course composed of both Didactic and Clinical rotations.  Practitioners are licensed through the Oklahoma State Department of Health Consumer Protection Division.

Who benefits from medical micropigmentation?

Individuals with allergies to traditional makeup or people with dexterity difficulties, arthritis, or visual limitations which make applying traditional makeup difficult or impossible.  Individuals with hair loss from eyebrows or eyelashes.  Individuals with loss of natural color to areas of skin including scars.

MM Application Techniques enable our consultant to camouflage abnormalities and accomplish esthetic improvements in several areas with: microblading, powder brows, bold eyeliner, lasting lip color.

Relaxation Room and Garden-View Operatories

Designed to create a sense of peace and tranquility and to restore a calming effect to patients before or after dental treatment. The Relaxation room is complimentary to all Walnut Ranch patients. To help further ease your anxiety, we have created a soothing, helpful, peaceful atmosphere unlike the typical sterile feel and smell of most dental offices. Our practice has tried to create an ambiance reminiscent of a fine, upscale resort. The reception area is accented with comfortable furnishings, flowers, and a refreshment center with coffee, bottled water, and cookies.  Essential oil aromatherapy vapors permeate the office from several different areas.

  • Massage chair with pre-programmed settings
  • Soothing Aroma Therapy with essential oil vapors
  • Audio therapy / white noise selection is available
  • Oxygen Bar – Nitrous available for moderate/severe anxiolytics
IV Hydration Therapy

Most people float though the daily grind feeling like their battery is a little low. Often this is due to chronic dehydration and deficiencies in optimal levels of vitamins and minerals in your system.  Revitalize your body from the inside out with IV Hydration Therapy.

IV Hydration Therapy can help you feel your best by replenishing your body fluids. Specialized blends loaded with electrolytes, powered by vitamins, and contain Rx strength medications (if indicated) are available:

  • Cold and Flu Blend – loaded with zinc and magnesium, and a megadose of Vitamin C… get ahead of cold/flu season to boost your immune system and improve your chances of staying healthy this season.
  • Detox Blend – Glutathione, Selenium & Vitamin C, Calcium, Taurine, B12 and other Complex B vitamins.
  • Hangover Blend – The greatest hangover cure known to man… really.  Zofran and Torradol available.