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Is Soda Really That Bad for Your Smile?

August 29, 2023 9:00 am

What you eat and drink affects your dental health. Many people enjoy soda, especially during the hot summer months, but it can harm your teeth. How? Is soda really that bad for your teeth?

Why Is Soda’s Sugar and Acid Content a Problem?

All sodas contain shocking amounts of sugar and acid. That’s what gives them their flavor and fizz! Sugar is the preferred food for harmful bacteria, which gnaw into your tooth enamel as they feed. This weakens your enamel and increases your cavity risk. If that wasn’t enough, the acid in soda also erodes your enamel and makes it more vulnerable to sensitivity, cavities, and stains. Professional whitening is often the best solution to stubborn stains.

Are Some Sodas Worse Than Others?

All sodas have lots of sugar and acid, but some have more than others. Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, and Coca-Cola are all very sugary, while diet sodas have more acid than their traditional counterparts. Dark sodas – like colas – are more likely to stain your teeth. While you can find some sodas with slightly less sugar or less acid, switching from one soda to another is unlikely to make a big difference. It’s better to reduce your overall soda consumption.

What Can You Do to Reduce Soda’s Impact on Your Teeth?

Other than drinking less, there are ways to reduce the impact of soda’s high sugar and acid content. First, you should enjoy your beverage quickly instead of sipping it for several hours. The sugar and acid will have less time to erode your teeth. After you drink it, rinse your mouth with water, and then wait 30-60 minutes before brushing your teeth. Acid softens your teeth, so if you brush too soon after drinking, you’ll risk damaging your enamel. You can also drink soda through a straw to reduce its erosive and staining effects.

Fighting Cavities at Walnut Ranch Dental Spa in Ardmore, OK

People who drink lots of soda often battle with frequent cavities, so if you want to protect your smile, cut back on how many soft drinks you enjoy! There are better alternatives – water, fruit-infused water, herbal teas, and fruit juices (in moderation). At our office, we’re proud to offer preventative, restorative, and cosmetic services that protect your smile and remove soda stains. Please contact us today to set up an appointment with Dr. Treanor!

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