Implant-Supported Dentures in Ardmore, OK

Patients missing most or all teeth on the upper or lower arch are often recommended dentures. While dentures are a common solution, loose-fitting dentures or adjusting dentures can take some time. At Walnut Ranch Dental Spa, our dentist offers implant-supported dentures in Ardmore as a more advanced, stable, and permanent alternative. By combining dental implants and dentures, it’s possible to enjoy a smile that looks and feels like a complete set of natural teeth! Contact our office today to learn more!

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What are implant-supported dentures?

If you have lost most of your teeth, you may benefit from implant-supported dentures. Unlike traditional dentures that rest directly on the gums or are held with adhesives, implant-supported dentures are restorations supported by dental implants that are surgically implanted into the jaw bone. A healthy jawbone and sufficient jawbone strength are required for implant-supported dentures.

Why choose implant-supported dentures vs regular dentures?

Implant-supported dentures can be life-changing for patients with missing teeth or who have lived with unstable traditional dentures. Compared to regular dentures, implant-supported dentures offer many significant benefits. Permanent implant dentures provide increased stability to improve your confidence, help you speak clearly, eat freely, and maintain the strength and structure of your jawbone. Implant-supported dentures also appear more natural, and there is no need to use denture adhesives!

What is the process for implant-supported dentures?

Patients interested in dentures with implant support should have healthy and sufficient jawbone density. If your jawbone needs more support, a bone graft may be required to help support the implants. Patients must also have healthy gum tissue and good oral health before oral surgery. Once approved as a candidate, our dentist will perform oral surgery to place the implants in your jaw. Over the next few months, the dental implants will fuse to your jawbone. Once completely healed, we’ll design and place a custom denture that looks and feels like natural teeth!

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