Dental Cleanings and Exams in Ardmore, OK

It’s important to keep up your teeth cleaning in-office with your dentist to get the best protection for your smile. Your dentist can remove invasive build-up from your teeth in ways that brushing and flossing at home can’t. Your dentist will also examine your mouth for any signs of oral illness and to make sure your mouth is in tip-top shape.

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Are dental cleanings necessary?

If you want to give your mouth the best protection you can, dental cleanings are necessary, and prevention is always the best protection. Not only will your dentist remove plaque and tartar, but they can also check for signs of dental abscesses, cavities, gum disease, and oral cancers.

How often do you need dental cleanings?

On average, most patients need two dental cleanings per year. However, if you have gum disease, significant build-up, or other oral issues, you may require more frequent cleanings. During your cleaning and exam, your dentist can fill you in on an expected cleaning schedule for your unique smile.

Do dental cleanings whiten teeth?

No, dental cleanings do not whiten teeth. When you get your teeth professionally whitened, your dentist will use a professional strength bleaching treatment to lift your smile. During a cleaning, the dentist uses tools and techniques that remove plaque and tartar. These yellowish substances can leave surface stains that are scrubbed clean by a dental cleaning. While your smile may appear brighter after a dental cleaning, it’s not the same as having your teeth whitened by your dentist.

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