Same-Day CEREC Dental Crowns in Ardmore, OK

Dental crowns are tooth-colored caps that are designed to fit over a patient’s teeth, restoring their structure and appearance. Traditionally, dental crowns require two or more appointments and temporary crowns. Walnut Ranch Dental Spa is proud to offer same-day CEREC® dental crowns, which are not only very convenient, but very durable and natural-looking as well! To learn more or schedule your next visit, please contact us.

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What is the process for getting a CEREC crown?

Our CEREC technology allows us to create custom dental crowns in a single visit. The process begins with a digital scan of your affected tooth, eliminating the need for traditional, messy impressions. The scan is then used to design the crown using advanced CAD/CAM software. The design is sent to our in-house milling unit, which crafts the crown from a high-quality ceramic block. Once complete, the crown is carefully placed and bonded to your tooth, ensuring a precise fit and natural appearance.

Are CEREC crowns durable?

CEREC crowns are renowned for their exceptional durability. Crafted from high-grade ceramic, they offer strength and resilience comparable to traditional crowns. When properly cared for, CEREC crowns can last for many years, providing long-lasting restoration to your smile. Should you ever have any issues with your crown, our team will be happy to assess the situation and provide a solution.

Who is a candidate for a same-day dental crown?

CEREC crowns are a suitable option for patients in need of single-tooth restorations, including those with damaged or decayed teeth, or those seeking cosmetic enhancements. CEREC technology excels at providing rapid and effective solutions, making it ideal for individuals with busy schedules or those seeking immediate results. Our team can discuss whether or not a CEREC same-day crown is the right choice for you during your consultation.

Are CEREC crowns expensive?

While not every same-day crown costs the same or less than a traditional crown, they are typically comparable to traditional dental crowns in terms of price. Factors influencing the cost of a same-day dental crown include the location and size of the affected tooth, as well as your specific dental insurance coverage. Our team is dedicated to providing transparent pricing, and we will be happy to discuss your financing options with you.

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