IV Sedation Dentistry

Total Comfort for Our Patients

IV sedation involves administering a sedative through a vein, allowing the medication to work very quickly. Since it’s administered intravenously, our dentists can adjust the level of IV sedation as needed for the procedure. This makes it easy to tailor the amount of sedative used to the specific patient, reducing the risk of complications and side effects. While you’ll still be in a semi-awake state and you’ll probably be able to communicate with the dentist, most patients have little or even no memory of the procedure when IV sedation is used.

Walnut Ranch recommends IV sedation for oral surgery procedures to make it easier to relax during stressful, long treatments, such as implant placements, wisdom tooth extractions, and other types of invasive dental or restorative treatments.

Some benefits/advantages of IV sedation:

  • Offers the maximum level of sedation
  • You will feel no pain from the procedure
  • Works quickly with a rapid onset time
  • Beneficial for patients with moderate to severe anxiety
  • Dosages and level of sedation can be adjusted quickly
  • Amnesia is a common side effect, so patients rarely remember the dental procedure
  • Consciousness is maintained – you are in an induced, highly relaxed, sleep-like state
  • Diminishes the Gag Reflex – IV sedation can help to suppress that reflex, making dental treatment easier

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